Lotus & Vintage Marine Engine Books

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As we all prepare for Christmas, I am pleased to be able to offer books that will entertain and inform you regarding both Lotus and Vintage Marine Engines

We offer Two ranges of Books that deal with :

Lotus racing cars, and Vintage Marine Engines.

New Limited Edition Book
"Lotus 35 a History" Now Available

Books that give detailed information, coupled with stylish production and design. Based upon the practical experience of the Author Kevin Whittle.

Having been in business as the Oil Engine Co. since 1989, supplying vintage marine engines for new canal narrow boats. I started canal boating in 1971, As well as owning and fitting out my own narrow boats since 1976.

In addition a lifelong passion for Lotus cars that lead to ownership (and usually restoration !) of Lotus types : +2 Elans, S1, S2 and TC Europas, Mk1 Lotus Cortina, Lotus XI, Lotus 18FJ, Lotus 19 Buick, Lotus 22FJ, 23B, 35TC, and 61FFs.

I raced my Lotus 35TC in the UK and Italy, and havehill climbed his Lotus XI Climax. For 2016 I hope to run my Lotus 19 Buick on the hills in the Paul Matty series.