Operating and Maintaining the Kelvin Model J Book

Operating and Maintaining the Model J at 30.00 including UK postage

This is a A4 size book with glossy laminated covers.
In its 50 pages it deals with how owners would operate the Model J, and how to troubleshoot any problems.Laminated glossy covers, 50 A4 size pages that deal with the Kelvin Model J diesel engines built by the Bergius Co. Many of these engines are installed into Canal narrow boats. While the official handbook, written in the 1930's is helpful. This manual distills the authors experience of rebuilding, installing and operating Model J since the 1990's.

The Contents :

First Start Up, Starting a diesel, Starting by Petrol, Petrol Starting Problems, Diesel Changeover Problems,

Stopping the Engine, The Lubrication System, Daily Attention, Weekly Attention, Petrol/oil Mix, Engine will not start on Petrol,

Engine Runs, but irregularly, Engine Knocking, Petrol Combustion Chamber gets Hot, Injection Pump, Fuel Filter, Injectors, Injection Timing, Governor, Carburettor, Magneto, Magneto Problems, Magneto Impulse Drive,

Sparking Plugs, Firing Order, Valve Clearances, Water Pump, Excessive Oil Consumption, Starting Handle,

Gearbox Clutch Slipping, Gearbox Running Hot, Gearbox Leaking Oil, Gearbox Noise, Frost, Starter Motor,

Technical Data, Engine drawings.

The above being illustrated with 30 black and white photos, 6 line drawings and 7 colour photos.

This is a really comprehensive manual, owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts should have a copy.

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