PURCHASE : Back Issues of the LOTUS SINGLE SEATERS Magazines

The LSS Magazines ran from issue no 1 to issue no 16. They were all colour A5 size magazines that only dealt with the LOTUS Formula Junior, Formula 2, Formula 3, and Formula Ford Single Seat race cars.

The author had restored Lotus 22FJ, and 61FF cars, and owned and raced a Lotus 35 F2 car. So the magaziners were full of detail.
From period writing and adverts to modern writing and colour photos.
When it was launched Classic Team Lotus and several F1 Designers were amongst the subscriber list. It went out to 9 countries in total.

There was nothing else like it on the market, and so the back issues have become collectors items. In the same way as Lotus and Sportscar has.

Back Issues cost 4.99 each plus UK postage of 0.95p.
(USA airmail 2.40).
All of the 16 issues are available.